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Digital Twin | Documentation | 3D Scanning  |  Scan to BIM

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Digital Twin

  • 3D View Enrichment
  • Digitalization
  • System Integration
  • Timelines & Processes

Project Hotel & Visualization

  • 3D Models and Documentation
  • Sharing
  • All in one location
  • User Friendly


  • Any Documentation
  • View and Comment
  • Any File Type
  • Upload and Share

Reality Capture

  • Scan with pictures
  • Point Cloud
  • Measure and Inspect
  • Point of Interests

Map Location

  • Geographic Locations
  • Building / Project Locations
  • Company / Partners Locations
  • Interactive Access with Zoom

3D Scanning

  • 3D Scanning
  • Scan To BIM
  • Visual Representation of Existing Facilities
  • Measurements, Control, Collaboration, Training, Onboarding

3D Model

  • 3D Models (IFC, STP, SAT, OBJ files etc.)
  • View and Inspect
  • 2D Drawings (dwg)
  • Measure

Point Cloud

  • Lidar files (LAS)
  • Point Cloud
  • Measure & Inspect
  • Point Cloud Viewer
  • 3D Scan

Drone Scan

  • Flight Viewer
  • Point Cloud
  • Digital Twin
  • Downloads

News & Blog

All in One Place
All in One Place

All in One Place

Jun 29, 2022
Increased efficiency with 3D model, 2D drawings, point clouds and documents from one login - all in one place.
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Better Than Beeing There
Better Than Beeing There

Better Than Beeing There

Jun 9, 2022
Visual representation of a facility is better than actually being there. Architects and engineering people can work m...
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Measurements from the Office
Measurements from the Office

Measurements from the Office

May 26, 2022
With a digital version in 3D, you can make measurements from the office. 3D scanning provide opportunities that were ...
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