Better Than Beeing There

Better Than Beeing There

Visual representation of a facility is better than actually being there. The ability to move quickly around is very effective. Feedback from project people is telling us that such visualization is better than being on site.
Architects and engineering people can work more effectively with 360 panorama pictures and point clouds than in traditional projects.
Moving around in the building checking for i.e. a ventilation route or access in a stairway is more effective than in reality. Within seconds you can check out an idea. You can get an impression of the implications and either close the idea or go forward with it. 

In traditional projects the various people involved will have to meet on site, walk around, take measurements and discuss the ideas etc.


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Digital version of a production facility

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All in One Place

Increased efficiency with 3D model, 2D drawings, point clouds and documents from one login - all in one place.
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