Measurements from the Office

Measurements from the Office

With a digital version in 3D, you can make measurements from the office. This gives a better overview in minutes. 3D scanning provide opportunities that were not previously possible. Before you had to spend hours and days to make a survey and further produce data for further use, now you can get a better result in 3D in minutes.

Visual representations of reality help convey information that is difficult with drawings and pictures. 360 panorama pictures make life more visual, and together with a point cloud from 3D scanning, it offers even more possibilities.

This helps to solve the problem of missing FDV, documentation and drawing material.

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All in One Place

Increased efficiency with 3D model, 2D drawings, point clouds and documents from one login - all in one place.
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Visual representation of a facility is better than actually being there. Architects and engineering people can work more effectiv...
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